We are often asked what can I expect from a RC Tank and which are the best RC Tanks to purchase?

In essence an electric tank can be a dynamic toy or detailed scale model. Tanks themselves also come in different sizes and scales with the majority of models functioning both inside out. Depending on price and brand you can expect equipment to be pre-installed or purchased separately.

What are the basic functions of tanks?

Simply a radio control tank typically emulates the functions of a full scale model. There are a number or toys which do not do this but if you buy a scale model these differ to the remote controlled toy tank variety. For example it would be realistic when purchasing scale tanks for their main gun or cannon to function and for the remote control to have a fire button.

Are RC tanks versatile?

An electric remote control tank is a versatile and fun toy since it is easy to drive, doesn’t require much space, and can generally be used either indoors or out. Many toy tanks are based on real military tanks from the armies of the United States, Germany, Russia, and Japan. Like other radio control toys, these have become increasingly sophisticated in recent years. Special effects including gun recoil, sound, and smoke can make a remote control tank much more fun and realistic.

So what about upgrades for model tanks?

There is a current trend for the latest Radio control tank models to come with smoke generators, BB guns and even upgraded metal parts and detailing. Remote Controlled models have progressed to new heights over the last few years and radio controlled equipment has also become more reliable.

So what are the options for play?

Hobby grade tanks when constructed properly would simply look great as a static model. But radio controlled enthusiasts want to take remote controlled models to higher levels. Radio control equipment has been upgraded to allow for Remote control battle simulation where tanks commence battle with BB guns, water cannons or to the death against robot wars style super structures.

What is the future of RC tanks?

Like any technology the future of radio control equipment and remote control tanks will continue to progress to that of any electrical equipment. Faster, quicker, higher, smaller where required and of course a lot more powerful!